Towards a Knowledgeable Investing Student Population


Biggest events in NTU-IIC
National Cashflow Competition

Ever wondered what it would feel like to invest in shares, gold and even properties? Do you have the desire to accumulate wealth and break away from the day-to-day race to achieve financial freedom? Now it is your chance!

Financial Expedition

FINEX (pronounced as ‘Fee-Nex’) had its humble beginning in 2009 from the initiation of a group of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students from various faculties. Energetic and filled with enthusiasm, the team of NTU students who understood the importance of financial literacy decided to fuse the ‘Amazing Race’ concept with financial literacy and organised the very first FINEX successfully in 2009.

Singapore Financial Conference

An annual event organized by NTU Investment Interactive Club, Singapore Financial Conference 2015 seeks to congregate the nation’s top investing gurus to share their knowledge and experience with our participants. Besides sharing career advice and expert knowledge on various investment vehicles, our guest speakers will also provide an economic forecast for 2015.

NBS Alternative Investment Symposium

NBS Alternative Investment Symposium is a student organized conference for students who are interested in the alternative investment industry, with a special focus on private equities, hedge funds, real estates and commodities.

About Us

"Towards a Knowledgeable Investing Student Population"
NTU-IIC 16th Executive Committee

NTU Investment Interactive Club (IIC) is an exclusive academic club meant for the undergraduate population in Nanyang Technological University. Founded in 1999 by Mr Yap Boon Leong, the non-profit club was setup in response to the government's call for initiatives to develop a vibrant investing community. From a small interest club to the largest finance society in NTU today, the club has grown substantially through the progressive leadership of past executive committees, sound advice from our board of advisors, support from industrial partners & sponsors and most important, participation from our members.

Endorsed by the Dean of the Nanyang Business School, NTU's Students Affairs Office and industrial partners, IIC is poised to move on into the second decade of raising financial awareness.

  • Mission

    • Promote greater awareness for the need of investment especially among young students and at the same time develop students' interest in financial market.

  • • Assist IIC members to develop and further hone their practical investing skills and strategies.

  • • Foster close interactions between various educational institutions and the financial community.

17th Executive Committee

Academic Year 2015-16
Ai Lingfeng
Kelvin Wong Ming Wei
Executive Vice President
Lau Ying Ying
Honorary General Secretary
Cai Qiyu
Financial Controller
Marcus Tee Guang Ying
Financial Events Vice President
Chia Wei Jing
Financial Events Director
Ooi Han Ming
Financial Events Director
Gan Sie Huai
Financial Events Director
Chuang Zhi Wei Farhan
Financial Events Director
Gladys Isabel Jahja
Marketing & Publicity Vice President
Deng Wenqi
Marketing & Publicity Director
Lee Yan Xin
Marketing & Publicity Director
IT Director
Chua Chia Ying
Corporate Communications Vice President
Pua Suan Jin Robin
Corporate Communications Director
Tan Li Min Jolyne
Corporate Communications Director
Zhong Cheng
Business Development Vice President
Sui Dan
​Director of Business Development
Lee Han Jian
​Director of Personal Development Program
Loh Hui Shan Amelia
​Director of Facility Management
Tan Yu Jia
Research & Education Vice President
Raymond Liu Guoquan
Research & Education Director
Thum Jie Heng
Research & Education Director


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