Is Blue-chip a Safe Harbour?

Author (s): Gordon Ong, Lee Xiang Zheng | Market Insights | 28 January 2018 Is Blue-chip a Safe Harbour? As the 2009-2018 economic boom reaches its latter stages, do large companies really outperform small companies? Feel like you’re missing the boat? You’re not alone. The jaw-dropping meteoric rise in cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin has increased more[…]

Investment 101: How to Read a Balance Sheet

Author (s): Nicholas Foo, Gan Wei Han Invest Academy Session 4 | 19th October 2017 | LT-6 Invest Academy Session 4: How to read a Balance Sheet “Investing in knowledge pays the best interest.” Making an investment can be tough because much financial knowledge is required to evaluate the risks and rewards. Many are too[…]

Rearing up for SFC 2018!

Author (s): Gan Wei Han Singapore Financial Conference 2018 Progress Report 1# | 17th October 2017 | Seminar Room   Preparations for Singapore Financial Conference 2018 is underway! Our chairperson Umar and vice-chairperson Keng Soon are working diligently to ensure that SFC 2018 is the best that it can be. As one of the largest[…]