Top Trader Challenge 2018 Prize Presentation & Networking Session

Author (s): Grace Chan
NTU-IIC Top Trader Challenge 2018 | 19 March 2018 | LHS-TR+52

Following the closure of the annual Top Trader Challenge jointly organised by NTU-IIC and UOB Kay Hian, the competition which lasted from 12th February to 9th March revealed the top three traders with the highest-value portfolios.


The champion of the challenge, Samuel Wee Zan Ming, amassed a portfolio worth $2,946,948.90 from just $100,000 of virtual cash on the trading platform by UOB Kay Hian, winning himself $1,500 for his achievement. The first runner up Lim Jia Zheng Terrence built up his portfolio to $2,852,586.79 while the second runner up Lee Xuan Cheng grew his portfolio to $769,062.87.


Two representatives from UOB Kay Hian presented the top two winners with their prizes and commended them for their successes. One of the representatives, Siak Ling, who is Head of Business Development at UOB Kay Hian, also shared with the aspiring student investors present about his own career experience and provided advice for their career paths. As a graduate of political science, Siak Ling shared that he has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before entering Temasek Holdings, then Raffles Medical Group, and finally getting into his current role at UOB Kay Hian.


“Was it difficult to switch [careers and fields]? I don’t think it’s difficult to change, and in recent years it’s very easy to take up knowledge,” Siak Ling reflected on his diverse experience in multiple fields. “But what allowed me to move from one job to another and another,” he commented, “is the fundamentals, and I’m not referring to knowledge but logic, common sense, [the ability to peel] away the [redundant] and get to the crux of the matter [in work].” He further encouraged students to ‘take a step back, take a look’ and observe how processes and solutions can be derived, because answers are often much simpler than one expects.


Furthermore, aside from building on the fundamentals, Siak Ling also encouraged the students to ‘be open to challenges and explore new things’ and not to ‘give up the possibility [of] working in something in which you are completely untrained for’. The opportunity cost of changing jobs will get higher at a later stage of one’s career.


Finally, students should also have fun on campus. “This will probably be your last unburdened stage of life that you will be able to go all out without much repercussions,” said Siak Ling.


The presentation session ended with light refreshments. Siak Ling and his colleague Zheng Da also answered questions about the finance industry and the markets from enthusiastic student investors.


With this, Top Trader Challenge 2018 has officially ended. We would like to thank everyone for your participation and interest in the event. We hope this has been a wonderful experience for everyone and and look forward to your participation next year.

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