Barclays Resume Writing Session by Neil Yang

Author (s): Grace Chan Barclays Resume Writing Session | 14 March 2018 | LT27 The gloomy sky of 14th March contrasted sharply with the inside of LT 27, which was bustling with activity. Students, eager to master the art of acing banking recruitment interviews, briskly entered the lecture theatre. Neil Yang, Campus Recruiter, Barclays Asia Read more about Barclays Resume Writing Session by Neil Yang[…]

NBS Alternative Investment Symposium 2018 Experience

Author: Yew Jin, Aaron, Wen Ting | 24th February 2018 | SGX Centre 1 Excitement brewed as the first NTU-IIC flagship event of the year finally opened its curtains. After months of hard work by our members, Nanyang Business School’s Alternative Investment Symposium (NBS AIS) was held at the SGX Auditorium on the 24th February 2018. Read more about NBS Alternative Investment Symposium 2018 Experience[…]

Singapore Financial Conference 2018

Author (s): Lee Xiang Zheng, Gan Wei Han Singapore Financial Conference | 17 March 2018 | NTUC Auditorium   Tranquility shrouded the early morning atmosphere of the Stephen Riady Auditorium. Minutes from now, committee members will come rushing in, lighting up the room with their suits and ties, making final adjustments, and checking every last Read more about Singapore Financial Conference 2018[…]

InvestAcademy Session 2: Relative Valuation

Author (s): Grace Chan, Gordon Ong Invest Academy Session 2 | 25 January 2018 | LT-3 So, how does one objectively determine the investment potential of a stock beyond Technical Analysis (TA)? The second session of InvestAcademy’s lesson had its focus on the qualitative valuation of stocks and the markets. This evening, two speakers, Benjamin Read more about InvestAcademy Session 2: Relative Valuation[…]

NTU-IIC welcomes our new subcommittee members!

The lecture theatre buzzed with excitement as the newly-elected IIC subcommittee members streamed in. It was no typical evening here at LT19A. There was no lecturer to be seen, no thick stacks of notes floating around. Taking the place of the podium was a group of students – all suited up and getting ready for what was to be an exciting evening ahead – the annual NTU-IIC Subcommittee Welcome Night!