July 22, 2015

Financial Expedition


Financial Expedition, or FINEX in short, is a team-based expedition challenge that seeks to impart fundamental finance knowledge to students in a fun and engaging way. This event is open to all students in tertiary institutions and universities. Executed in an amazing race-style, participants get to learn the basic mechanism of a particular financial instrument at each game station, and thereafter apply the knowledge gained in the interactive games. Financial concepts introduced to students include the basics of budgeting, investments, trading and insurance.

FINEX 2017 will be held on January 21 st , with a target of 80 participating teams, a substantial increase compared to last year’s 54 teams. Based on last year’s feedback, participants generally felt that the game stations were interactive and fun, and they were pleased to have had gained knowledge through their participation in each of the stations. Despite the positive feedback, a few changes and improvements will be implemented: increasing the number of game stations to cater to the larger number of participants in 2017, and redesigning games stations to better incorporate financial knowledge.


For more information, please visit:

Our website: http://finex2017.ntu-iic.org/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iicfinex/?fref=ts

1 thought on “Financial Expedition

  • Hello from Wisconsin! My name is Michelle and I am so intrigued by FINEX! I really admire how you all present complicated financial topics in a fun and entertaining way – which is EXACTLY what I believe in!

    I am a financial teacher who teaches in the school system here and I would LOVE to have more detailed information on FINEX. Is it possible you can send some? Perhaps a description of activities?

    Thanks in advance!


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