July 22, 2015

Singapore Financial Conference


Being a flagship event of NTU-Investment Interactive Club (NTU-IIC), Singapore Financial Conference (SFC) prides itself as being one of the biggest financial conferences held annually in Singapore. Aligning with our club’s vision, Singapore Financial Conference strives to improve our society’s financial literacy.

In the upcoming year, Singapore Financial Conference 2018 will encompass all levels of financial literacy as it aims to let our audience take ownership of their own financial freedom.


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5 thoughts on “Singapore Financial Conference

  • Hi NTU IIC,

    Regards from Synapse Trading. We are keen on participating in the event in 2017, and would like to know how we can proceed.

    Synapse Trading is a trading education company, and we teach multi-asset class trading and investment strategies. We have ‘live’ trading records verified by mxfxbook, and have a ‘Social Trading Network’ which allow subscribers to copy our trades automatically. We believe these would be a great addition to your event.

    Our founder Spencer Li is a retired professional trader with over 10 years of market experience. He has written over 1000 articles on trading, and has personally trained thousands of traders to date. He started off as a self-taught trader by reading over 200 books, and was later hired by professional funds. He achieved financial freedom at 27 by trading just 15 minutes a day, while at the same time travelling across 48 countries.

    Looking forward to collaborate.

    Terence Yong
    Operations Manager
    Synapse Trading Pte Ltd

    • Hi wei quan,
      Currently we haven’t confirm the exact date and venue yet. SFC will be held in February or March.
      We will update the website as long as we confirm the details of the event.

      Thanks you

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