Investment 101: How to Read a Balance Sheet

Author (s): Nicholas Foo, Gan Wei Han Invest Academy Session 4 | 19th October 2017 | LT-6 Invest Academy Session 4: How to read a Balance Sheet “Investing in knowledge pays the best interest.” Making an investment can be tough because much financial knowledge is required to evaluate the risks and rewards. Many are too Read more about Investment 101: How to Read a Balance Sheet[…]

Corporate Communications: Learning with Language

Author (s): Grace Chan Corporate Communications Meeting Session #2 | 17th October 2017 | Hive TR+14   From right: Gordon, Wei Han, Nicholas, Xiang Zheng, Yew Jin, Grace, Chia Ying (absent), and Ke Han (absent)   You will never see a Corporate Communications subcommittee member without a laptop. The reason is simple: we are constantly Read more about Corporate Communications: Learning with Language[…]

NTU-IIC welcomes our new subcommittee members!

The lecture theatre buzzed with excitement as the newly-elected IIC subcommittee members streamed in. It was no typical evening here at LT19A. There was no lecturer to be seen, no thick stacks of notes floating around. Taking the place of the podium was a group of students – all suited up and getting ready for what was to be an exciting evening ahead – the annual NTU-IIC Subcommittee Welcome Night!