InvestAcademy Session 2: Relative Valuation

Author (s): Grace Chan, Gordon Ong Invest Academy Session 2 | 25 January 2018 | LT-3 So, how does one objectively determine the investment potential of a stock beyond Technical Analysis (TA)? The second session of InvestAcademy’s lesson had its focus on the qualitative valuation of stocks and the markets. This evening, two speakers, Benjamin Read more about InvestAcademy Session 2: Relative Valuation[…]

Is Blue-chip a Safe Harbour?

Author (s): Gordon Ong, Lee Xiang Zheng | Market Insights | 28 January 2018 Is Blue-chip a Safe Harbour? As the 2009-2018 economic boom reaches its latter stages, do large companies really outperform small companies? Feel like you’re missing the boat? You’re not alone. The jaw-dropping meteoric rise in cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin has increased more Read more about Is Blue-chip a Safe Harbour?[…]