FINEX 2018 is coming to you soon!

Author (s): Foo Tun How Nicholas

Financial Expedition 2018 Progress Report 1# | 25th October 2017 | LHS TR+4


The race is on for the Financial Expedition (FINEX) organising team, and we are doing our utmost to give you the best experience this year.

In the Financial Events department, teams of two or three are formed to play the various station games. After much discussion between the team members, all the station games for FINEX have been fully thought up and written down in the proposal. A total of 6 station games are going to be in this year’s FINEX, with one of them being the finale’s station game. It’s going to be an extremely thrilling ride for our participants this year, so much that they will never have any lingering regrets after playing our games.

In the Business and Publicity department, the design for the participants’ T-shirts is almost done. The Business Development committees are also working hard on contacting potential sponsors through their emails. Many trials and errors were made to ensure the emails suit the needs of each sponsor contacted. Grammar usage was also carefully checked to make sure the email is properly written and carry professionalism.

Lastly, in a pioneering collaboration with some prestigious local universities, FINEX is looking forward to holding their first ever external roadshow with the intention of establishing greater interaction with local students. The goal is to increase the number of FINEX participants. On the day of the roadshow, exciting mini games will be set up to give you a sense of what FINEX feels like, and how our games can help you better learn financial knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. So do keep a look out on our activities and visit us!

Overall, FINEX is progressing at a steady pace, with every portfolio having a good understanding what their job scope covers. There are still things left to be done. However, with the passion and drive that the organising team has, FINEX 2018 will be a great success that leaves a wondrous mark in the history of IIC.




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