FINEX 2018 Roadshow @ South Spine Concourse

Author (s): Nicholas, Grace

FINEX 2018 Booth | 1st November 2017 | South Spine Concourse


Hi everyone, FINEX is back! As our very first roadshow kickstarts in this academic year, we are thrilled to present you all the new features of FINEX 2018.


On Wednesday, 1st November, FINEX 2018 hosted a roadshow to introduce its games and activities to NTU students. This roadshow is meant to be a ‘mini FINEX’, to give everyone a sense of how FINEX will be carried out and most importantly, how you can gain financial literacy from its games. As we are in the midst of rigorous preparation, we will be having more roadshows in the future. More information will be released on our Facebook and website, so do check them out.


The atmosphere at the FINEX booth at South Spine Concourse is nothing but vibrant and exciting. Constantly, heads were turned as students were attracted by our booth and this has created much exposure for FINEX. Many students signed up for the event and participated in the mini games to win prizes, and those who did well even had their names recorded on a ranking scoreboard. As usual, FINEX has kept its promise on low price for high quality, and our entry price this year will remain as $10 per team of three. Moreover, more goodies such as drawstring bags, T-shirts, even lunch will be provided for all participants.


Join FINEX on 10th February 2018 at the City Area and let’s dash for cash!

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