NTU-IIC welcomes our new subcommittee members!

Date of Event: 13/09/2017

Location: NTU LT19A

Event name: NTU-IIC Subcom Night

Timing: 7.30pm

NTU-IIC welcomes our new subcommittee members!

The lecture theatre buzzed with excitement as the newly-elected IIC subcommittee members streamed in. It was no typical evening here at LT19A. There was no lecturer to be seen, no thick stacks of notes floating around. Taking the place of the podium was a group of students – all suited up and getting ready for what was to be an exciting evening ahead – the annual NTU-IIC Subcommittee Welcome Night!


It was 5 minutes to the commencement of the event, and the faint chattering among the members has now grown into a mass of exhilaration, as subcommittee members in the same division meet each other for the very first time. Jinmei, who is our Financial Events Vice President and emcee for the night, took the stage, gave a short introduction and welcome address, and the event soon began.


The welcome night was an opportunity for the new IIC subcommittee members to find out more about the different major events that the club organises every year, and also to interact with the Directors of the various events. With a host of events to partake in, it is no wonder that such a platform is organised to facilitate the subcommittee members’ decision-making process!


First up, we had Francis, Chairperson of Alternative Investment Symposium (AIS). Francis started off by introducing us the definition of alternative investment and a brief history of this event. This event is actually inspired by the London School of Economics’ Alternative Investment Conference and was founded by NTU Alumni Lee Da Wei in 2014. Francis then went on to brief members about the commitment and workload. He passionately explained the benefits of joining this event to us, highlighting that the networking opportunities with high profile players in alternative investment are not to be missed, in addition to an unforgettable experience in organizing this event.


Next, Che Jui, the Chairperson of National Cashflow Competition (NCF), took the stage. Che Jui’s bubbly personality gelled with the event so well! From his sharing, members got to know that NCF is essentially a board game competition that targets students from secondary schools, tertiary institutions, universities, as well as members of the public. Through IIC’s very-own creation, the “Praxis” board game which resembles the Monopoly board game that we are all familiar with, participants can get to learn more about the fundamental concepts of personal financial planning and put their wits to the test as they strategize to emerge as the king of financial planning. What’s more, besides the public event, there will also be an internal round of competition organised specially for NTU students, known as the NTU Cashflow Challenge. As part of the NCF subcommittee, members will get to be a part of all these action, contributing to the execution of one of the largest events of NTU-IIC.


Following which, the chairperson of financial expedition, otherwise known as FINEX, came onto the stage and introduced himself as Lucas. He then started off by explaining what FINEX is all about. Unbeknown to most, it is a competition game style event based on the popular TV show Amazing Race that incorporates financial knowledge into each station game. The goal of FINEX is to promote financial literacy, health, ethics and fun among the youth. Next, Lucas proceeded to show the audience a short clip of last year’s FINEX event which we found to be both funny and amusing. In fact, Nicholas, one of our newly minted members, commented that he was very supportive of the idea of FINEX and the goal that it aimed to achieve. Therefore, FINEX was the event that he chose to join and his wish fortunately came true later on.


Next up, the chairperson of the Singapore Financial Conference (SFC), Umar, introduced his event to us. As a flagship event of NTU-IIC, SFC is a formal black-suit event that prides itself as being one of the biggest financial conferences held annually in Singapore. Aligning with the club’s vision, the event strives to improve our society’s financial literacy, mainly targeting at young adults in Junior College or Polytechnic. The event immensely benefits both the audience and us because we can not only learn more about investing from the experts, it also creates opportunities for us to network with key figures in the industry today. The aim of SFC is to create a sustainable, lifelong learning and adaptable society through such conferences. The informative speech given by our determined and hardworking chairperson warmed the hearts of many, and he hopes that we can dare to dream about our future, and also find ourselves in life. He also showed us the many ways we can develop ourselves as an individual in the process of organising this major event.


After all the Financial Events Directors have finished their sharing on the 4 flagship events, IIC’s President, Aloysius, took the stage to deliver his closing remarks. He urged all subcommittee members to treasure their time with the club, go out and gain new experiences, and forge meaningful connections at the same time. He went on to brief members on what to do and expect next, followed by the application procedure and timeline. As Aloysius ended his speech and sharing, the audience gave him a warm round of applause and that marked the end of the first NTU-IIC subcommittee meeting.


All in all, the event was a success, and some members stayed back to ask the Directors their queries. However, regardless of what event each of us will participate in, we believe that the experience will be an educational journey that teaches us new skills and brings us new friends. Here’s the best of luck to the start of a new year!



Authors: Nicholas, Wei Han, Chia Ying, Xiang Zheng, Grace, Yew Jin

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