Rearing up for SFC 2018!

Author (s): Gan Wei Han

Singapore Financial Conference 2018 Progress Report 1# | 17th October 2017 | Seminar Room


Preparations for Singapore Financial Conference 2018 is underway! Our chairperson Umar and vice-chairperson Keng Soon are working diligently to ensure that SFC 2018 is the best that it can be. As one of the largest student-run events in Singapore, the committee strives to tailor the event to its knowledgeable speakers and the 500 youths that will be present in the NTUC auditorium during event day.


Even though SFC 2018 is still many months away, our committee still holds weekly meetings on Monday and Tuesday, as everyone in the committee is available at different times each week. There are 4 different teams, each assigned with a list of tasks to be completed by the end of the first semester.


Today, we were told that our business development team has already garnered a list of 30 potential sponsors! Hopefully, we will be able to diversify the items in the goodie bags so that participants will be able to benefit more. As of now, our goodie bags are expected to consist of tissues, discount or promotional coupons, refreshments and writing materials. Emails are being sent off to respective companies to seek their cooperation. Our financial events team are also micro-planning the entire event from start to finish, troubleshooting for problems and planning the overall flow of the event. In addition, some of us have already created a couple of poster ideas for SFC, while others have been posting on our SFC Facebook page to generate hype and awareness for the event. Since preparation is still early, more details will come soon after.


The team has high hopes for SFC 2018, and everyone attending can expect to gain something from it, be it in terms of expanding your contacts or by learning more about the fundamentals of investing. More updates on SFC 2018’s progress will be coming up soon!

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